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Cosmetic Surgery is a surgery which is performed merely for the purpose of improving the appearance of an individual. Cosmetic surgery performed primarily to improve the appearance of a part of the body. Cosmetic surgery evolved from reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic Surgery does not include surgery that is intended to correct normal functions of the body. Cosmetic surgery focuses mainly on the enhancement or beautification of specific facial or body parts. It does not necessarily include reconstruction or restoration, except in specific cases, such as rhinoplasty-where both function (breathing, etc.) and form (removal of bump, etc.) are addressed.

Cosmetic surgery patients can safely be split into two groups. Those born with, or who as they grow, develop features that they do not like. For example: a large nose, large breast, or even underdeveloped breast, protruding ears, or unable to come to terms with the effects of ageing, pregnancy or trauma. Both groups may be unhappy to the detriment of their self-esteem.

Today in the United Kingdom , there can be few unaware of the benefits of cosmetic surgery and many consider it to be the "ultimate voyage of self improvement". However, good cosmetic surgery is not an accident, or a miracle, it has to be planned. Planning starts with your consultation.

The Nottingham Center for Cosmetic Surgery has a long standing reputation, and was featured on ITV's "Cosmetic Kids" in January 2004. We offer numerous cosmetic surgery treatments you may require, under highly qualified and experienced Surgeons. Consultation is given by highly experienced surgeon who is fully capable of determining whether you are a candidate for the surgery that you are asking for.

For a free confidential consultation with a qualified Surgeon or a free information pack, Freephone The Patient Information Service on the above number:

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