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Cosmetic surgery patients can safely be split into two groups. Those born with, or who as they grow, develop features that they do not like. For example: a large nose, large breast, or even underdeveloped breast, protruding ears, or indeed, any feature that may make them unhappy. Then there are those who are unwilling, or unable to come to terms with the effects of ageing, pregnancy or trauma. Both groups may be unhappy to the detriment of their self-esteem.

Today in the United Kingdom, there can be few unaware of the benefits of cosmetic surgery and many consider it to be the “ultimate voyage of self improvement”. However, good cosmetic surgery is not an accident, or a miracle, it has to be planned.

Planning starts with your consultation…
Consultations should only be given by one person, a highly experienced surgeon who is the only one capable of determining whether you are a candidate for the surgery that you are asking for. Counsellors, lay or nursing, irrespective of their experience are not licensed to operate and although they may assist with simple explanations, you should not allow yourself to be placed in a situation where they advise surgery. Most lay counsellors work on a commission basis and it is therefore unlikely that your best interests will figure prominently in their thinking.

At the hospital you won’t find lay counsellors. All consultations are carried out by highly trained surgeons.

The patient prepared to accept advice from an unqualified source should not be too surprised if the standard of surgery reflects this fact. Competent professionals will not be found associating with this type of organisation. It may be wise to bear this fact in mind.

No substitute exists for Pre-operative consultation. It may be inconvenient; you may feel it unnecessary believing that you know what you want. The truth is different. Consultation is an integral part of any treatment you may have carried out. It cannot be bypassed.

The hospital does not charge for consultations. A very high degree of knowledge and skill is required for a well-balanced opinion about the necessity for the operation in which you may be interested. You must appreciate that even when the advice is not in favour of surgery, it comes from a highly qualified person who has given his time, attention and experience to your problem, consulting, both pre and post-operatively accounts for over 50 percent of a surgeons time and good ones do not give this time away. Neither will they tell you that you need surgery when you don’t. Surgeons build reputation not only by the work they carry out, but the work they decline.

  • The consultation is free of charge, but if you do not attend then a fee becomes payable.
  • Appointments for consultation may be arranged by telephoning the patient information service.

For a free confidential consultation with a qualified Surgeon or a free information pack, Freephone The Patient Information Service on the above number:

Consultations carried out Nationwide