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Breast Augmentation

Many women consider having breast augmentation in order to improve their breast size or shape or because they think their breast are too small, uneven size or unattractive. Some women have breast that do not fully develop or have significant change in size or shape after pregnancy, weight change or ageing. You read earlier that the decision to undergo surgery or breast augmentation should be a personal one. You should not consider this procedure of breast augmentation to please someone else. Like all aesthetic plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation will not resolve any of life's major problems and you should understand that there maybe reasons why this type of surgery may not be right for you.

If you decide to take your enquiry further and consult one of your surgeons you should listen carefully to what he or she says and follow his advice. The information contained within these notes includes description of problems which have not been experienced in this country, but because of lingering uncertainty associated with breast augmentation , mainly from America , we have endeavored to cover every aspect of this surgical procedure in an attempt to inform as fully as possible. Your surgeon is the best source of information in regard to this procedure. Listen carefully to what he or she says and ensure that you ask necessary questions.

Each year, throughout the world, tens of thousands of woman have breast augmentation surgery for cosmetic or re-constructive reasons with few or no complications. However, because of reasons mentioned, this figure is less than in previous years. A survey, conducted by the American Society of Plastic and Re-constructive Surgeons, found that 92% of American women who have breast augmentation report that they are satisfied with the result of their surgery. This impressive figure is made more impressive by the knowledge that of the amount surveyed, 35% sought the procedure for re-construction after cancer, or other diseases.

The benefits to breast augmentation patients are many and varied including:

  • Symmetrical form and contour to contour to the breast
  • Enlargement and balance in breast size
  • Correction of drooping breast (Ptosis correction)
  • Reconstruction following mastectomy
  • Psychological benefits including improved self-image

The Nottingham Center for Cosmetic Surgery has a long standing reputation, and was featured on ITV's "Cosmetic Kids" in January 2004. We offer numerous cosmetic surgery treatments you may require, under highly qualified and experienced Surgeons. Consultation is given by highly experienced surgeon who is fully capable of determining whether you are a candidate for the surgery that you are asking for.

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