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Abdominoplasty is a medical terminology used in cosmetic surgery. An alternate term used for abdominoplasty is tummy tuck. As it is obvious by its name that the treatment is to fix loose and flabby abdomen.

Abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck, can help reduce the appearance of loose, fat, and flabby skin around the abdomen by tightening stomach muscles and strengthening the abdominal walls.

The cosmetic surgery is not meant to reduce weight, but rather removes fat and tightens skin that has lost elasticity and does not respond to diet and exercise. The majority of ladies do not realise how babies will affect their body shape. The children are, of course, worth every inconvenience, but later in life, mothers usually dislike their stretched abdominal skin, particularly if it contains the scar of Caesarean operation.

No amount of exercise or creams will reduce the stretched skin, which will often contain numerous stretch marks. Abdominoplasty is a misnomer because surgery involved is major. It is important that Abdominoplasty is not carried out for correction of obesity otherwise an unsatisfactory result will occur. The patient should be within several pounds of their ideal weight, otherwise a secondary procedure will certainly be necessary.

You will be asked a general medical history together with details of any previous abdominal surgery. The surgeon is bale to show the patient where the scar will be, having assessed the extent of stretching of abdominal skin. The scar is horizontal, in a transverse line running at a level just above the pubic hair. The scar runs from hip to hip and is designed to be covered by normal pants (The bikini line).

The Nottingham Center for Cosmetic Surgery has a long standing reputation, and was featured on ITV's "Cosmetic Kids" in January 2004. We offer numerous cosmetic surgery treatments you may require, under highly qualified and experienced Surgeons. Consultation is given by highly experienced surgeon who is fully capable of determining whether you are a candidate for the surgery that you are asking for.

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